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Special Travel Packages

Named after the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb, the city of Aurangabad is an adventurer’s paradise, replete with the magnificent caves and monuments. There are a lot of hotels and tourist operators offering special travel packages to Aurangabad. The packages are ideally suited for trekkers and adventure seeking people who like to explore the magnificent caves and mountains. The packages will each feature a unique highlight, like that of visiting a particular place for a longer period and the likes of it. It is up to you to choose the best package which suits your taste and needs.

Sam – San Travels arranges for a 3 nights and 4 days package to Aurangabad. Arguably one of the best travel packages to Aurangabad, the package includes accommodation at 5 star hotels with the best of amenities, made available for you. The price per couple is about Rs 18,500. You will be transferred to the hotel from the airport and on the next day, taken for a full day excursion to Ajanta Caves. The next day you will be visiting Ellora Caves and other Forts and monuments. On the last day you will depart from Aurangabad and will be dropped at the airport.

Hotel Taj Residency, one the grand 5 star hotels, offers travel packages to Aurangabad. The 2 night’s package costs you about Rs 15,000 per person in a single room. The package is inclusive of breakfast and dinner for 2 nights. All arrival and transfers are also included in the package. A full day city tour is arranged and you will be taken to all the caves. The rooms are all of international standards with the best of facilities available to you. The hotel also houses a multi cuisine restaurant serving delicious food. The hotel is located at about 9 km from Aurangabad airport.

Hotel Rama International is another 5 star hotel which offers exciting travel packages to Aurangabad. The 2 nights and 3 days package is inclusive of all transfers and taxes. You will be accommodated in 5 star luxury rooms having the best of amenities. The price is Rs 11,000 per person. The fees for guides and other entrance fees are excluded from the package. The hotel is located at about 5 km from the airport and 8 km from the railway station. You will be taken to the Ajanta – Ellora Caves and other Forts that surround this beautiful city of Aurangabad.

Money Saving Travel Ideas

Planning a trip can be tricky. Before you know it, prices can add up and spill over your planned budget. However, there are budget travel ideas you can use when vacationing to save money here and there. These saved dollars will add up and enable you to feel more financially comfortable with your trip.

Go For the Bundle

Bundling your flight, lodgings and car rental is one way to save money while planning. The more business you conduct with the company, whether it’s an airline or booking agency, the more likely they are to knock down your overall price. Even if your plans don’t include a car rental, you’ll likely still get a discount for booking a flight and hotel together. Shop around on different sites and with different airlines to find the best price for the longest stay time or most convenient flight.

Flexible Booking

There are many factors that go into whether a particular flight is expensive or not. While scheduling and buying in advance will always help you save, there could be local events or holidays that increase popularity and tourism. For example, the Fourth of July could be a very popular event at your destination, which will drive up the price of flights significantly. When you’re comparing prices, try keep your dates as flexible as possible. Being able to fly during the week, or at a time that’s not as popular, will save you a bundle.

Lodgings – Home Swap Sites

While hotels are the traditional choice for vacation lodgings, home swap sites are gaining more traction and becoming an affordable safe option among travel ideas. Many websites offer in-depth information about local available houses, ratings and direct contact information with the owner. Choosing to stay in a home rented out by a local instead of a hotel can save you big bucks. Plus, you’ll increase your chances of staying close to a downtown area without paying extra.

Meals – Home Cooking and Picnics

Meals can absorb a large part of your budget. Although you may not feel like cooking on your vacation, it can be a great way to save money. If you happen to stay in lodgings that have a fully functional kitchen, don’t be averse to using it. Additionally, visit the local grocery store for supplies like water and snacks. You’ll find lower prices at local places rather than on the tourist boardwalks and hot spots. Instead of dining out, opt for a picnic with prepared food from a local mart. Another trick to saving is to make lunch your biggest meal of the day. Since lunch prices are typically lower than dinner prices, you can fill up earlier for a cheaper price and reduce your evening meal.

By utilizing budget travel ideas, you can save money that can be repurposed elsewhere during your trip. Don’t be anxious about seeing the world on a tighter budget. From staying in a local home to comparing rates online, persistence can go a long way in saving.

The Lowdown on Traveling in Canada

Let’s get one thing straight from the offset: Canada is big. Not just big, in fact, but huge. Covering nearly 10 million square kilometers (about the size of Europe), only Russia is bigger. So picking five Canada travel ideas was never going to be easy…

1. City Hop

For the sheer variety of its cities, Canada’s pretty hard to beat. From the bustling capital, Ottawa, with its proud political institutions, to Montreal – all quaint historical neighborhoods – multicultural Toronto and groovy Vancouver, with so much to see and do, traveling in Canada has to be all about hopping from one city to the next.

2. Hit the Slopes in Whistler

Winter temperatures in Canada can get a little on the chilly side – to say the least! And if that can be bad news for the city traveler, it’s very good news indeed for someone else – skiers. Make no mistake, Canada has some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world.

Although right across the country there are some great skiing options, Whistler Blackcomb wins hands down. 5,000 acres of downhill slopes (catering for all abilities) and excellent snow might make it seem attractive, but its proximity to Vancouver really makes it the logical choice for the traveler looking to go skiing in Canada.

3. Watch a Whale!

To be honest, this was a toss-up between any number of animals and natural phenomena. It could have just as easily been trying to catch a calving glacier or go polar bear-spotting, but finally whale watching was decided upon!

Whether it’s vast Humpback Whales off Newfoundland, or Killer Whale watching excursions from British Columbia, what really could match the spectacle of the world’s largest mammal, rising for air – like a leviathan from the depths – before, with a flick of its vast tail, returning there again?

4. Learn a Language

Doing an English course in Canada is one of the best things that any non-Anglophone traveler could possibly do. Prices are a bit lower than in the States, and quite apart from actually learning the language, you get the chance to spend weeks – even months – in any one of Canada’s fabulous cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa… the choice is a tough one!

And it doesn’t have to be English, either: in Montreal (and the rest of Quebec), you could of course learn French, too!

5. Try Trekking in Algonquin Park

Whether it’s trekking in Canada, walking, hiking, rambling… whatever you want to call it, there’s simply nowhere on earth like Canada for being outward bound. Wherever you look a vast, untouched landmass stretches away, a haven in every sense of the word for the outdoors enthusiast.

And in this respect, Algonquin Park is perfect. Unlike some parts of rural Canada, while it’s a remote and staggeringly beautiful national park (that covers nearly 8,000 square kilometers) nearby Toronto and Ottawa stop it from being inaccessible. Walking in its woods, admiring the stunning scenery and breathing in the cool, crisp mountain air, is to experience the very best of what Canada has to offer.

Dirt Cheap Airline Ticket

In this difficult economy climate, who does not want to spend money wisely when the holiday time comes. But how to travel inexpensively and get dirt cheap airline ticket these days? Here are a few tips that I like to share with you.

1. You should be flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes, if you are determined to travel on a specific date, you may end up paying more. If you can manage to leave a day earlier or later, you can often get a cheaper fare. You can actually use a fare watcher if you are very flexible and don’t need to book immediately.¬† You could even sign up to get the airline’s weekly email of discounted fares for unsold flights.

2. You must always compare prices amongst the websites, which is not such a great effort. Once you know when you want to travel, just look around for the tickets and the earlier, the better. It naturally depends on your leave and the festivities that you have to attend and cannot miss.

3. If you can help it, try to avoid traveling in the major holidays and school breaks. These periods are the high seasons because almost everyone with family is planning his or her travel during this time. It is very hard to get dirt cheap airline ticket and hotel rooms in these periods.

4. If you want to buy one way airline ticket, be sure to check for round-trip prices as well since there are occasions where flying round trip is cheaper than flying one-way.

Get The Cheapest Plane Tickets

Getting the best deal on Plane Tickets is easy if one is adept in searching online. You should know the tips on how to buy the cheapest airline tickets by becoming an informed buyer.

Tips on how to get cheap plane tickets are:

o No Direct Flights – If you have little time to take an indirect flight to your destination then those plane tickets can come cheap as you are normally compensated for your time in the form of cheap plane tickets.

o Off Season – If you are traveling to tourist destinations then you can get a good deal if it is an off season because there will be less travelers during that time and airlines would offer discounts to get full occupancy for their flights.

o Student Airfare – If you are a student then you should look for a deal offered by some airlines in the form of student discounts.

o Senior Citizen or Pensioner Discount – Some airlines also offer plane tickets on discount for senior citizens and pensioners. So Senior Citizens must keep a check on those airlines while booking plane tickets.

o Defense Personnel Discount – Defense Personnel can check from airlines whether they are offering any discounts for Defense Personnel’s.

o Advance Booking – Tickets booking done well in advance can save you lot of money as initial some percentage of tickets are sold at rock bottom prices by airlines to give benefit to people who are early planners.

o Consolidators – Tickets bought directly from airlines websites could prove to be costlier, rather one should go and book tickets from consolidators or travel agents and other plane tickets comparing and selling websites who are authorized to book tickets on behalf of airlines. They give discount to customers to increase their brand loyalty. They can afford the discount as they take bulk deals from airlines.

o Special Occasions – Always look out for special offers in Newspapers, magazines and newsletters for announcement by airlines or websites on particular occasions like their establishment day or week etc.

o Last minute tickets – Browse the websites of airlines to check for last minute tickets which are available at almost half rates.

o Odd hours – If you take a ticket for an airline leaving at odd hour you may get it cheap as there are not too many takers for those tickets

Insure Your Trip Home

Successful travel, whether for business or pleasure, usually requires a lot of pre planning. Amid all the details and perhaps dreams, who wants to worry about getting seriously ill or having a bad accident while faraway from home?

We are helpless quite sometimes, because we don’t know our future .Although we can’t prevent a medical crisis, but you can ease the burden by adding one more step in our trip planning: purchasing adequate travel insurance, including insurance that covers evacuation caused by serious medical needs.

I generally use to pass my vacation out side my country. I had think so much about travel insurances that why we need them. But at the begin of this year I got an perfect answer by my one of best friend .In this year he went to pass his vacation in china .In that tour he got seriously injured in an accident but because of the Travel medical insurance, outside the country he able to get a good treatment while bad rest in China’s Private medical hospital. For same treatment we will have to pay a use amount of money and for some people it is very difficult to pay that.

So now we have so many policies in online market, the options are a “per trip” policy that covers the insured for a specific journey at a certain time, and also an annual insurance policy covering all travel during that time and getting a medical evacuation insurance could be the most important travel decision for your travel.

At the very least a good travel insurance policy buys you a little extra peace of mind. Some of them can provide fraud protection, travel insurance, emergency roadside service and auto rental insurance. For instance, a business credit card may provide travel insurance, lost luggage insurance, and auto rental insurance.

Because it is online insurance market and you have to make sure that you have purchased any additional health travel insurance you may need. Some cards offer travel insurance as part of the. Premium cards have the highest credit limits and come with a number of extra features such as product warranties, travel insurance or emergency services. You should keep in your mind that you are following these guidelines.

I will recommend you to take a travel insurance package before go on any trip. Personally I think it would be very foolish not to have some sort of travel insurance, especially if you are flying abroad. People sometimes make the mistake in thinking that their local insurance policies will cover any losses and have a big shock when they come to make a claim. Besides, if you have the right policy, it takes all the worry out of your trip.

A Guide to Travel Insurance Extras

Being insured is essential for travel abroad, giving both peace of mind and cover if something goes wrong. While a worrying number of people (sometimes estimated to be as many as one in four) choose to go without travel insurance, the risk simply isn’t worth it – medical bills and cancellation costs for uninsured travellers can be enormous!

But while most people that holiday insurance is essential, it can get seriously confusing when different kinds of insurance seem to overlap. Does travel insurance cover you if you are driving abroad? What about the European Health Insurance card? Can Home Contents insurance cover your possessions when you travel?  Profiled below are a few of the common questions people have about different kinds of insurance, and how they affect each other.

Does my travel insurance cover me for driving abroad?

If you want to drive your own car abroad or hire a rental, your travel insurance won’t cover you. If you are taking your own car, you’ll have to make sure that your existing car insurance and breakdown cover gives you protection for trips abroad. Many car insurers only offer minimal insurance for foreign driving as a standard part of their policies, but will be able to upgrade your cover for a short time if you pay an additional premium.

If you are renting abroad, you’ll almost certainly have to buy insurance with the rental company before they’ll let you rent a car. Of course, it is worth carefully looking at all the insurance options that are presented to you – it may be tempting to go for the cheapest, but make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money before you buy.

Does my Home Contents Insurance cover my possessions?

This depends. If you have Home Contents insurance and you have “all risks” included as part of the policy, it may well cover your possessions and valuables when you travel abroad. If this is the case, you will be able to waive the luggage and personal possessions cover on your travel insurance and reduce your premium. Make sure you check the small print carefully, however, and make sure that your Home Contents insurance gives you the level of insurance that you need.

Will my European Health Insurance Card cover my medical bills?

A lot of people believe that if they have a European Health Insurance Card, that they can skip out on buying holiday insurance. The EHIC only offers a discount on basic medical cover – it is no substitute for full medical cover available in travel insurance, and won’t provide all the other benefits that full holiday insurance offers, such as cover for possessions and compensation in the event of delay or cancellation.

With cheap travel insurance now widely available from dozens of online providers, getting insured for a good price is no longer a challenge, unless you are a high risk candidate or your circumstances are unusual. But is essential to know what it does and doesn’t cover you for, and what protection other forms of insurance, such as home contents and car insurance, offer you. This way, you know exactly what kind of travel insurance you need to buy, and you can be guaranteed the best possible deal.

Get Cheap Hotel Deals

Checking into a hotel might be your only solution when travelling for business or for pleasure. Hotels are designed to offer you an amazing home away from home and they come with all amenities and facilities you might need to make your stay more pleasurable. They have remained very popular even among holidaymakers since they offer a smooth and pleasant experience. However, depending on the hotel class and what it has to offer, your stay can be very expensive.

When travelling, cutting costs can be quite rewarding and fortunately this is something you can do even with your hotel accommodation. Away from the expensive hotel deals and packages, there are still effective ways you can use to enjoy cheapest hotels.

Give up some luxuries – The more you get from your hotel, the more you are likely to pay. If there are some luxuries you can do without and instead cater to them on your own, go for it and cut on your hotel expenses. The fact is that you will find extremely comfortable and relaxing hotels even with some of the luxuries missing.

Do your research – The online platform has eased the way you can do things and this includes finding promo rate hotels. By taking the time to compare prices, you are likely to find very cheap hotel deals even without having to give up any of the little luxuries you love during travel or during your stay in the hotel. When you do find interesting rates, make a point of calling to confirm before then making your booking.

Be as flexible as possible – This is especially in terms of your travelling dates considering that some deals pop up last minute or for given events and festivals. It is possible to find cheap deals, but which are attached to specific travel dates and times. When you are flexible enough, you can take advantage of the hotel deals to help you cut on costs, but still enjoy your stay whether on business or pleasure.

Look for and use hidden discounts – They are hidden since not many companies make them known to their companies and you might need to do your homework to find the discounts and actually use them to your advantage when booking into a hotel. Discounts can be from medial associations on being a member of other given bodies. Coupons are also an amazing tool for finding hotel discounts, so find out your options on the same too. By signing up for newsletters, you will easily find your way to discounts you can take advantage of as soon as they appear.

Choose less popular hotels – The most popular hotels tend to be expensive and they will hardly have any offers for you. When you settle for less popular hotels on the other hand, your chances of enjoying discounted hotel rates are increased. You can also take advantage of new hotels eager to attract customers, thereby offering their hotel services at cheaper rates. You can enjoy five star services at a three star rate with such hotels

Cheap Hotel Deals

Obtaining cheap hotel deals are desirable to all travelers as they help save costs on travel accommodation which frees up expenditure for other aspects of their trip, be it for business or leisure. Thus it is important that you know where to look for the best deals available so that you can enjoy a stay at a decent hotel without burning a hole in your wallet. The Internet, especially, has provided many new sources of information about such deals that makes it easier to find a good deal online. However, you may be overwhelmed by the large amount of information available, which may make you more confused regarding where and how to start instead. Hence I have compiled a list of useful tips that you may follow to make sure that you are getting the best hotel deals possible.

1. Start your search online.

The Internet is the best place to start your search for cheap hotels, as there are many aggregate online travel sites which have links to numerous hotels around the world. These sites specialize in comparing rates between different hotels and websites, as well as provide all the information that you need to know about the hotels including the facilities, location and images. You can thus customize your search to only compare hotels with similar characteristics, such as being within the same area or with the same star rating, thus quickly and easily narrowing down your search.

These websites also usually offer the best rates that are lower than booking directly at a hotel’s website. You should however read the fine print for additional charges or restrictions, such as your booking being non-refundable.

2. Look out for cheaper alternatives during peak travel periods.

In general, during the peak travel seasons which may include extended school vacation periods and long weekends, you may discover that rates of many hotels in your chosen destination, including the usually cheaper ones, are higher than usual. However, you will be surprise that certain websites offer attractive deals for hotels even during this busy period.

3. Consider the location of the hotel.

The location of the hotel is also an important consideration when looking for low hotel rates in your destination. Generally, try to find a hotel in areas such as the suburbs that is slightly less accessible or is located away from the city centre as it is usually cheaper than one that is in a more convenient location. You can also consider less-known independent local hotel chains which can provide cheaper accommodation too.

4. Keep an eye out for offers and discounts.

When booking through online booking portals, do look out for special promotions and deals for hotels, many of which run for a limited time only. Many of these deals can net you attractive discounts as long as if you fulfill a requirement for a minimum number of nights’ stay, if there is any.

Car Rental Tips

There are many ways to get the best out of your holiday.Visiting different places, exploring the way of lives of the local people, the flexibility of stopping at beautiful, eye stopping scenery can only be done effectively by car. Be adventurous, explore the holiday destination by renting a car.There are many car rental companies, you can rent a car either online or when you are at the holiday place.

Here are some tips on how to get the best car rental:

1. Do your research. Do you intend to book the car online before going to the destination or are you going to rent a car when you are at the place. Choose three to four car rental firms that fit your wants and needs like the number of passenger, will you be travelling through country roads. Search for the car rental company either through the phonebook or through the internet. Look in detail every possible company before you make a choice, asked around for recommendations as you don’t want to miss out on the best car rental company.

2. Use the internet to search for a car rental company is a quick and efficient way of finding the ideal car rental company. There are comparison sites that would present a selection of car rental companies and their prices. Booking a car online with the car rental company can also help you save money. Most car rental company offer internet only discount and some even help you to find a car at your desired price when you give them your budget.

3. You can usually get good discount on car rental with packages like fly-drive-stay or fly-drive. Such packages takes away your worries about hotel or airline as it is all taken care of in a package. Check with the travel agencies about such packages.

4. If you have Air miles and they are about to expire, there are some car rental companies that would exchange these discounts to discounts on your car rental. In this way, you would not waste your Air miles and you can make huge savings on your car rental.

5. Contact the car rental company and ask about their special offers, location, availability, pickup sites, rates, special rates, hotel and airline partnerships, extra charges, insurance, everything you can think of that can help lower what you have to pay for your car rental and what would make the car rental more convenient for you.

6. Choose a pickup point; preferably at the airport upon your arrival, your hotel or place of stay. If not, find one that is near you so it won’t be a hassle.

7. Choose the car according to your needs. Find a car that could fit all the people you’ll have in it, the number of luggage if it is from the airport. If you’re travelling alone; it would be wise to book a smaller capacity car as some car rental company charge higher for bigger cars.

8. When you have made your selection, the next thing to do is to reserve it. Some car rentals include the reservation fee on the overall rent, some charged an extra fee, ask the car rental about this in your enquiry.

9. When collecting the rental car, check if there are available upgrades at no charge. As you would want the best deal and the best car, the trick is to pick up your car early in the morning, when the other cars have not been returned yet. Usually at this time there is a shortage on economy cars and the firm might just give you an upgrade for a lower price.

Lastly, remember to check on the driving license requirement, that is, do you need to get an international driving license. Exploring by car is definitely an enjoyable way to get the best on your holiday.