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A Guide to Mexico Travelling

The most common way to go to the main resort and tourist destinations in Mexico is by flying. You can find many non-stop of direct flights to a wide variety of Mexican cities by major US airlines. You can book your flight with the help of a travel agent or you can simply go online and book a flight yourself. Air fare can differ from various airlines so it is best to do your research early. If you book way ahead you can sometimes chance upon a good deal which gives you a bargain price. You can also sometimes get very good prices if you have an impulse to go right away, or within a week or two. You should book your flight on an American or a Mexican airline.

Sometimes there are offers by charter companies which are really very cheap. On charter flights, however, it is possible for a charter operator to cancel a flight if there are a very few passengers in it and he can do this up to ten days before the flight. These charter flights don’t allow cancellation of reservations thought.

You can get a more affordable price with a combination of airfare and hotel accommodation. Even if the hotel is not the best known, they can still offer you great services. In this internet era, it is easy to do a search on the different hotels and their location. Cancun, Acapulco, and Ixtapa are just some of the destinations where you can get great package deals on.

A guided tour would also be wonderful because you can get to see more cities and you will have hotel and transportation included. This guided tour is ideal for first time visitors or those who have not seen all the great cities of Mexico and also for people who cannot speak or understand Spanish.

Taking a cruise to Mexico is a wonderful vacation treat, and they leave both coasts of the US and vary in how long they last. The shorter cruises can be very economical. A taste of Mexico is what this cruises will give you which can be what you might need to really whet your appetite.

If you want to go between cities, Mexico has an incredibly good network of buses. There are deluxe of first class buses that most tourists choose and these are complete with movies, comfortable sitting, rest rooms, and a schedule of many departures daily.

Driving conditions in Mexico vary considerably form one Mexican highway to another. Sometimes traffic is slow but if you want to experience light traffic you can use the expensive toll roads. Night driving is not encouraged in Mexico. At night you can be robbed or you can meet some road hazards like livestock lying on the road or vehicles with no good headlights.

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