Tips for Booking Last Minute Cheap Flights

At certain times points in life; you have to make plans in an instant. You may have to leave for an important business meeting or any event which is mandatory to attend. Especially if the place you have to rush to is far away, where you can’t reach by bus or train, last minute cheap flights is the only option left. At such point, you want things to run smoothly and catch as cheap flight as possible.

There are numerous ways to get hold of inexpensive flights at last minute. Besides calling to the airline office, you can log onto its website or consult any online operating travel agent to meet your need. However, whichever way you may find best to get last minute tickets, following tips would prove to be helpful;

• When booking through a travel agent, try to specify clearly that you want the cheapest airfares available because there can be certain travelers who are not sensitive about prices. Even if you are buying the ticket on internet, try to make it sure that you are offered with the lowest price available and not the average price.

• Be flexible with your schedule and flights. Sometimes you may have to face small inconvenience in order to get the cheapest air fares at the last minute. If there are flights available with one or two stopovers, opt for them and don’t wait for a direct one. Also try to be flexible with the airports and flight timings.

• Keep monitoring the websites of airlines operating to your destination. Sometimes, to sell the tickets at the last minute, airlines post web only fares at high discounts. Some of these cheap deals, however, may be non-refundable and require a stay.

• If you can’t find discounted tickets, try to go for the vacation deals that some travel agents offer. These deals offer a package of flight bundled with hotel stay. When these flights remained unsold, they are floated at cheaper rates.

• During your search, do not ignore the cheap deals and tickets targeted at students and youth. Some travel agents and airlines have special cheap last minute and vacation packages for students and young travelers which can be sold to anyone before departure of the flight.

• Many airlines provide stand by tickets which do not guarantee a seat in flight. However, they give you with a great probability of such happening depending upon the availability of seats at the time of departure. They sometimes can help taking the next available flight to your destination.