What to Know About River Rafting Before Going on a Trip

River rafting is an adventurous activity that takes participants through the rough waters of various rivers throughout the nearby area. It may sound like a fun activity to many people, and it can be, but everyone looking to go on one of these trips needs to be sure they are fully aware of what will happen when they go. Rafting Trips often last for multiple days and can be strenuous work.

Various Trip Lengths

There is not just one trip to choose from. Instead, various trip lengths are available to ensure anyone wanting to go gets to experience it in the way they desire. A one day trip is ideal for beginners who have never gone rafting before. It simply takes a family out on the water and allows them to explore the river and enjoy a day in the sun. Longer trip lengths, such as three days, six days, and even a full two-week vacation, are available. These longer stays will mean spending multiple days on the water and nights in a nearby camp.

Age Limits

Each trip length has different age limits for kids. A one day trip is fine for six year olds and up to go on. The two-week vacation is not recommended to anyone younger than 14. Other options that last a few days may allow ten year olds to go, but it depends on the condition of the water where the trip is being planned. The trip host may recommend at certain times that only 12 or 14 year olds attend, with kids younger than this staying home. It is to ensure the safety of any children.

What to Bring

Every trip is different in terms of what to bring. When people book their trips, a trip planning handbook gets sent to them detailing what to bring and where to meet. A bathing suit, quick-dry shorts, sturdy footwear, sunglasses with a strap, and a wide-brimmed hat are typically on the list. Cotton clothing is not recommended as it stays wet once it gets wet and will be uncomfortable to stay in for the entire day.

Heading out on a river raft can be a great adventure. People just need to know what to bring, what the age limits are, and how long the trip will last before they make a plan to go along for the ride.